photo-eye Staff Show Installation View

We had our opening at photo-eye this Friday -- which turned out to be a bit unusual because the power was out for the duration. We still had a good turn out and it was fun to give flash-light tours of the show. Despite the heat and darkness, it was really fun.

The show will be up through August 4th, 2013. I think...

Coyote Mask

Coyote -- wire, paper mache and paper clay.

Catish Figure

Here's the pair for the bull -- I gave them matching necklaces and bracelets. A bit like a cat? I had fun with the speckled paint job.

Bunny Boy Figure

Here's the companion to the weirdo bear -- another small figure with a sculpted head and soft cloth body.

Here's are the two punk kids together. It looks like I missed getting a photo of the back of the bunny, but he has a patch stitched to the back of the vest. I thought of this one as a kind of sweet-faced kid who's trying to be tougher ends up awkward and kind of gothy. He's also way too tall. Somehow his eyes ended up being really human, which gives him a rather creepy look. Also, eyeliner.

Bull Figure

Another small figure. This one ended up looking at lot like this little bull puppet that I had as a kid.

I imagined this one (and the blue cat-thing) as being kind future-fantasy-world-Dune-ish desert dwellers. The wrap was a happy accident -- a scrap that fit perfectly.

Weirdo Bear Figure

I recently made a few small doll-sized sculptures to send to family and friends. They came out pretty good, and I've started on a few more.

I completely love this guy. He's creepy and wall-eyed. I spent a lot of time going to house shows when living in Boston, and I saw this guy as that kind of creepy kid who was at every show, but no one really knew him too well, was a little too excited, a bit too close a talker and always seemed a little tweaked.

They have an armature in the head, hands and feet, but have soft bodies and the clothing is all made from my massive supply of scraps. I also took some sand paper to the jeans to make them a little worn. I eventually added a few buttons before I sent him off. A few more photos later.

Raven Mask

Raven from a new series of masks based South Western animals. Wire, paper mache, paper clay and instamorph eyes.